4 Common Habits That Sabotage Healthy Eating & What To Do

Here, we have the accommodation trap. “This is a very different type of trap,” says Segar, as it actually has good intentions. Allow us to set the scene: You’re at a friend’s party, and again, you notice that same rich chocolate cake. You’re not tempted to grab a slice, and there’s no sense of rebellion, but then your friend approaches you with said cake and offers you a piece (and some pizza, too). 

Instead of sticking to your plan, “you want to honor their needs to care for you, so you just take it and say thank you,” Segar explains. “You eat the whole thing, and you feel terrible, because you’re trying to accommodate their needs instead of your own.” You may have good intentions, but try to remember that your eating choices are yours, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to indulge to show your appreciation or fit in; a true friend will respect your choices, anway. 

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