3 Things To Do Before & After A Facial To Maximize The Benefits

At mbg, we often say getting a facial is a lot like seeing a nutritionist or personal trainer; a professional can help you meet your various goals, but it’s still up to you to put in the everyday work. You can’t completely ignore your diet and workout regimen at home and expect any miraculous changes! The same goes for skin care. 

Darden agrees: “The most important thing to remember is how important it is to maintain a dedicated home care routine,” she says. “If you’re not using the right products for your skin consistently, the results of a facial won’t last as long.”  

Everyone has a different line-up, but your esthetician should help you come up with a sustainable, long-term plan. After all, appointments are usually an hour or more, so they can really spend time with your skin and address any concerns or goals you have. They’ll often suggest certain products or ingredients that will work with your skin type and even offer up a sample routine for you to follow—usually featuring some sort of targeted active, like vitamin C, AHAs, or other antioxidants.

Again, everyone’s skin is different, but Darden often recommends folding in a retinol to encourage cell turnover and keep the skin firm and bright. “I always recommend that my clients use Retinol Reform at night to maintain the benefits of a facial,” she notes regarding her star formula. 


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